God Bless the fallen hero's of days past, and prayers to the hero's of tomorrow, may God protect you into the future.

Chief Shay McCormick

Chief McCormick has been a member of the Bonifay Fire Department for 25 years. Over Ten of those years as the chief.

Chief McCormick was instrumental in re-organizing and leading this fire department to be one of the best in the state.

Meet the Chief

Interim Chief position: 
   Chief McCormick has implemented a new program of Interim Fire Chiefs for 2009. This program has been implemented to encourage leadership, accountability, & responsibilty of all members of the department. Beginning in February, Fire 102 held the position of Interim Fire Chief for 15 days. Every 15 days, the Interim Chief passes the position of Chief to the next Firefighter on the roster and so on throughout the roster. During the Interim Chief's time of office, he is expected to complete the duties of the Fire Chief under the direct supervision of Chief McCormick. This program was brought to the department in the first department meeting of January 2009 and was voted in unanimously by all members.